About us

Elegance Style, was established in the year 2009 and has been resonating with its tremendous success and innovativeness for 12 years among the accessories fashion field and retail industry.

Elegance Style was founded by the Chairman, Mr. Salman Hasan Sayyar with an inspiring ambition of sharing his experiences and enthusiasm for both locally and internationally known top brands and managed to deliver this company to the top ofsuccess.

Over the past years, Elegance Style has grow excitingly large with 5 retail stores located at various high-end dynamic and fine shopping malls around the capital city Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with over 50,000 visitors yearly from various nationalities.
Keeping customers interests at its core, Elegance Style understands the importance of staying in-tune and being close to where its customers live, work, and shop.

We believe in having cutting-edge talents and strategies for our steady-growth based on developing in-house expertise and keeping close cooperation while building a strong relationship with the leading suppliers of the best brands of perfumes, watches, sunglasses and accessories.

These strategies have been applied and resulted in a successful strong image whilst achieving recognition and preference by our valued customers.

We are looking to become the most distinguished retail outlet with a constant enormous customer base in the United Arab Emirates and GCC Countries.