1. September 07, 2021

    50 Common Perfume Ingredients

    Applying a fragrance is the final touch to make you feel complete and confident. The great thing about picking out a signature scent is that each perfume or cologne smells different, making it a great way to make a personal statement every time you walk into a room.

    Since ancient times, people have used scented ingredients derived from nature to make fragrances. Today, some of these natural scents and perfume ingredients are still used in the perfume-making process, but with a modern manufacturing method.

    Perfume ingredients include a blend of alcohol, oils, and other aromatic components. Each fragrance has a distinct smell based on how it was made and the various perfume ingredients used in it. Some ingredients in perfume may sound familiar while others appear completely foreign.

    If you’ve ever found yourself checking scent notes and asked yourself, “What in the world is ylang-ylang?” then keep reading to find out everything you need

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  2. August 29, 2021

    How To Choose The Right Perfume For Me

    Finding your signature scent is a special moment; it’s a personal choice that feels right for you in so many ways!  But before you get there, there are several factors to be explored. So, whether you’re just bored of the scent you always reach for, or you’re starting your journey into the world of fragrances, we are here to help. Welcome to our ultimate guide on choosing the right perfume for you!


    1. Dont's Try Too Many Fragrances In One Go

    Even if you have made it your mission to find your new signature scent, it’s worth limiting the amount you try at one time to a maximum of three. Test your chosen fragrances on different areas of your skin for at least 24 hours before you make a decision. This way, you can really appreciate and understand how the scent will develop on your skin.

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  3. August 12, 2021

    A Beginner's Guide To Fragrance Families

    Do you know your fruity perfumes from your floral? Or your citrus aftershaves from your woody? Whatever your fragrance know-how, the key to understanding why one scent may differ from the other is by recognising the fragrance families that they fall into. While our experts are pro at identifying the families at first spritz, anyone can be a fragrance connoisseur with a little bit of training.


    What is a fragrance family?

    A fragrance family is a classification system that the industry uses to place scents into olfactory groups. Each family

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  4. August 12, 2021

    What Are Perfume Notes?

    What Are Perfume Notes?

    Swap the word ‘notes’ for ‘ingredients’ and it’s a lot easier to understand how notes work together to make up a fragrance. Nowadays there’s a whole spectrum of notes available for our favourite brands and perfumers to experiment with and they can create almost any smell you fancy – coffee, baby powder, freshly-cut grass and even rain. There’s no limit to the number that can be used in each fragrance, but all scents (even the simplest ones) blend at least three notes together. It’s the individual arrangements of these notes, often referred to as the fragrance pyramid, that creates a unique scent time and time again.



     Top Notes

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